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About Grateful Greyhounds

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Lisa Sallie, founder

Grateful Greyhounds was founded in July of 1998 by Lisa Sallie. In addition to Lisa, our Board consists of Sue McGuire, Laura Mackay.

We are very dedicated to helping find suitable and loving homes for ex-racing greyhounds and all sighthounds including Spanish galgos and podencos. We spend a good deal of time educating potential adopters at meet-n-greets, conducting homevisits and offering support post adoption through our talented team of Adoption Reps. GG prides itself on our relationships with other greyhound and sighthound organizations, working very closely with these groups in an effort to help more hounds. Think about it... doesn't that just make sense? We love the hounds and will do whatever it takes to help out those in need.

The GG Board is a group of individuals with a common interest, to help out ex-racers and all sight-hounds. We are volunteers and, more importantly, friends. We love what we do and look forward to many years of offering our expertise and support to new (and not so new) adopters. Thank you for your interest in the hounds!

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