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**BIG ED**
EdBig Ed is a HUGE, black, male greyhound born in February of 2006. He retired due to a leg break that GG had surgically repaired. He is doing fantastic in foster care. He is silly yet quiet. Big Eddie Spaghetti gets along great with other greyhounds but has not yet met a cat. He has not had one accident in the foster home!! He is quite curious about things in the house such as throw blankets, slippers and books...he likes to carry these items to his bed for further investigation! His leg has healed nicely and he is just about ready to have the soft cast removed. My Holiday wish for Eddie Spaghetti is to have a family to call his very own. He deserves it.

RamblerRambler came to Long Island from Florida on 3/21/09. He raced until his unfortunate leg break which occurred on 2/21/09. The vet that saw Rambler in Florida either doesn't like greyhounds or has no idea how to repair a broken leg. The vet simply wrapped his leg up with surgical tape, then after a very short three weeks, told the trainer to remove the surgical tape stating that Rambler will be "just fine". Ok, obviously that was very bad advice. Grateful Greyhounds immediately noticed how awful and nasty the leg looked. On 3/21/09 GG sent Rambler to the vet immediately, x-rays were done and it was noticed that he broke his leg in several spots, the leg healed, then the leg broke again! This poor hound was in tremendous pain. Our vet in NY talked to GG about a delicate procedure in which the leg is re-broken, and put back together correctly using hardware to hold everything in place. Of course we did not hesitate in agreeing to this procedure.

Rambler with CastOn 3/24/09 Rambler had the surgery (see photo of post-op with cast). The vet is absolutely thrilled with the results and expects Rambler to make a full recovery! Our goal is to give Rambler an opportunity at a quality life with 4 working legs and no pain. We feel confident that we are well on our way to giving Rambler that gift.

UPDATE!! (4/11) Rambler leaves the vet!! After 3 long weeks, and one major surgery, Rambler was healed enough to leave the vet on 4/11/09. Rambler Leaves the VetThis is a photo of Rambler with his foster mom & dad, Amy & Takashi. The healing process is ongoing and the foster mom & dad need to be extra vigilant in making sure Rambler doesn't get too excited or silly (hard to do since he is such a happy-go-lucky kind of guy!). Amy and Takashi are up for the challenge, they were thrilled to be able to bring Rambler home for further healing and will give us frequent updates. The bandage needed to be removed as Rambler developed serious skin ulcers from the cast. However, his leg looks so great and he heals so quickly that the vet felt comfortable releasing him to Grateful Greyhounds care. We are all looking forward to a full recovery. Rambler goes to the vet for x-rays in about a month. His bills exceeded $5000 but this guy was well worth the cost. Thank you for your continued support of GG and Rambler...we REALLY appreciate it.

As Rambler's bills exceed $5000, GG is hoping to help defray that cost by fundraising. In this time of economic stress, we understand how important every dollar is to you. Whatever you can spare, we are thrilled to accept. Thank you. Please check back for updates on Ramblers' progress.

BellaMeet Bellarosenblat aka Doe's Kara.

This little sweetie just turned 2 on May 7th. Just before Easter Bellarosenblatt broke her leg in a race in Florida. GG took her in, repaired her leg surgically and she is now recovering with her new family. We are hopeful that this summer she can make her debut as a new Ambassadog for GG!!

She is so cute, the volunteer who picked her up told me that she is keeping her! Bellarosenblatt never even made it to the Available Hounds page!

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